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The Dying Architectural Heritage of India

जहाँ डाल-डाल पर सोने की चिड़िया करती है बसेरा वो भारत देश है मेरा

A famous song by Md. Rafi which encapsulates the richness of India.

Covered by the mighty Himalayas on the top and the calm Indian Ocean below, India was the wealthiest land in the world. Referred to as 'Sone ki Chidiya', India is a land versed by the Rishi- Muni's and a home to a rich traditional and cultural heritage.

Diversity in India ranges from the Kohinoor to Kamasutra.

Indian Architecture, belonging to different periods of history has been many empires flourish and many empires decline. But the remains of the magnificent buildings provide substantial evidence of the brilliance of Architects in those days. Ranging from the extensive town planning of the Indus Valley Civilisation to the Buddhist Architecture of the Sanchi Stupa, from the nagara style of North India to the Dravidian Style of the South India, Architecture in India speaks a lot.

Indo-Islamic Buildings of Delhi showcase a completely new form of Architecture where the tall Minarets, Domes, Arches show the brilliance of Architects who achieved this without the use of Software and technology today. But due to the negligence of society today these marvels are loosing their value, therefore it becomes essential for someone to take the baton and preserve our heritage and return the 'Sone ki Chidiya' status to our Motherland.

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