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Harmonious living: The ingredient for Happiness

Nature is very important for the continuity of life on the earth. Everything on the earth is a part of nature and connected to each other for healthy survival and continuity of life in future. We should maintain the natural cycle and do not disturb it to keep the nature evergreen.

Architects and planners have attempted to create sustainable solutions to issues affecting architecture, design and city planning. Being an architect who is diligently involved in animal welfare and plant conservation, I certainly believe that to bring a change at the macro level it is very important to introduce new schemes and educational reforms at the micro level i.e. the grass root level. While designing it is of utmost importance to introduce Active and Passive Cooling techniques and use Natural Building materials. Using materials which blends building with site, has both stimulating and calming effects on people. Natural elements should be taken more of an advantage rather than a downside. For ex. if trees are present on the site it gives us an advantage of going organic and breaking the grid. Instead of cutting the trees the shape of the walls should be made to blend with nature. This reminds us of the great Indian architect Laurie Baker who used to shape his walls the way the trees were.

The beauty of architecture is that it could be stitched with almost everything which this world possesses. With growing urbanism and narrowing mindset of people, Society today has forgotten the importance of flora and fauna. How these little creatures help us to create a good ecology and balance the harmony. In some of our new projects we have tried to create places in such a way that it doesn't disturb the natural balance and one could see squirrels, butterflies, rabbits, puppies, kittens playing in our backyard and climbers sprawling up our garden fences. This helps us in many ways as it help cool down the inner temperature and at the same time gives positive vibes inside the houses. The main design intent is to promote nature and gather more ideas and people to replenish the resources which have depleted in the society.

We are ready to join hands with any architect or environmentalist for harmonious living and the preservation of wildlife and encourage techniques which promote them.

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