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The golden bird with its wings soaring high to the sky flying with all its pride and wealth.

This was INDIA in the past when the entire world looked upon it with a sense of awe but in the present scenario due to globalisation we have constantly being neglecting our heritage and the golden bird is now left sitting disheartened with all its virtues forgotten.

From the rocks and caves of Kailash to the shikharas of Sun Temple,Konark to the vimana of

the Brihadisvara Temple at Thanjavur, Indian Structures stood with their head held high and

reminded the world of India's greatness.

But nowadays we are lagging behind in terms of architecture. The buildings which we construct doesn't reflect our heritage but are just mere replications of the western world.

This is the time to reimagine ourselves and create architectural marvels. To become world's

leading economy we should first focus on reviving our own design styles and construction


In search of globalisation we have forgotten the vernacular styles of our country. The old

Kathkuni style of Himachal Pradesh, The Bhonga style of Gujarat are now being subjugated

under the steel dominance.

The use of local materials and participation of the people should be promoted as it leads to a holistic design approach.

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness

Frank Gehry

Concluding, we must give it a thought whether we dream of an India like the Golden Bird or an India with the steel makeover given by the british.

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